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Thorin Oakenshield Boot Caps: The Hobbit

Armory Rasa

  • $65.00

Aradani is proud to pair up with Armory Rasa to provide some epic leather work based on some of your favorite movies and games!

Turn any pair of boots into Thorin's with these tooled leather toe caps. They are made of heavy 8-9 oz leather, wet-formed into shape and hand-stitched. They are then dyed black and treated to a light metallic finish that gives them a handsome, antiqued bronze look, and coated with a water-resistant finish.

Interior dimensions are 3.5" wide x 2.5" long x 1.5" tall.

They do require some DIY ingenuity to attach to your shoes, but come with discreet, pre-punched holes on the sides, for you to stitch or rivet as you see fit.

    *** PLEASE NOTE *** Armory Rasa products are Made to Order, to your size (and colors, etc.). Please give Gabriel approximately 3 weeks to produce your products and mail them to you. If you need them sooner, please contact us so that we can find our if Gabriel can expedite your order.

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