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Dragon Age 2 Anders Leather Set

Armory Rasa

  • $320.00

Aradani is proud to pair up with Armory Rasa to provide some epic leather work based on some of your favorite movies and games!

This is a replica set of the leather accessories worn by Anders in Dragon Age II. It includes his belt, round pouch, rectangular pouch, and the bracer he wears on his left arm. It is all made of genuine leather (a mix of latigo and various weights of veg-tan), stitched by hand and made to last a lifetime.

The belt: made of 9 oz veg-tan leather, 2" wide at the sides and tapering to 1.5" front and bag. Heavy-duty snaps attach to 2" O-rings made of solid brass. Saddle stitching around the edges is done by hand, and both strengthens the belt, making it resistant to stretching, and adds a decorative contrast. Belt has minimal adjustability, so it is custom-sized to fit you.

The bracer: 9 oz veg-tan leather, 5.5" tall, a minimalist aesthetic that uses only subtle beveling along the edges and a pair of steel dome rivets. It closes with off-white lacing that makes it highly adjustable. One size fits most.

Round bag: made of 7 oz latigo leather, a type of tanning known for unparalleled strength and flexibility. It is suspended from the belt by a pair of short straps attached to solid brass D-rings that allow it to easily accommodate your movements. The interior dimensions are 5.5" in diameter and 1.5" deep.

Rectangular bag: made of 5 oz veg-tan, it sits neatly at waist-level, attached to the belt by a pair of loops. The interior dimensions are 6" long by 1.5" deep, perfect for carrying a wallet and a smartphone side by side.

*** PLEASE NOTE *** Armory Rasa products are Made to Order, to your size (and colors, etc.). Please give Gabriel approximately 3 weeks to produce your products and mail them to you. If you need them sooner, please contact us so that we can find our if Gabriel can expedite your order.

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