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Thorin Oakenshield Bracers: The Hobbit

Armory Rasa

  • $180.00

Aradani is proud to pair up with Armory Rasa to provide some epic leather work based on some of your favorite movies and games!

So I went into The Hobbit for Martin Freeman as Bilbo... but stayed for Thorin's costume. And as soon as I got home, I sat down at my workbench to see about making a pair of those excellent bracers for myself.

It took a long time before I was satisfied, but here they are in all their glory! Each bracer is comprised of two pieces, articulated at the wrist, made out of heavy 9/10 oz leather that has been moulded and hardened to keep their shape. (Hard enough to knock on!) All the stitching and tooling is done by hand -- bracers fit for a king, indeed.

The stats:

  • This listing is for a pair (two bracers).
  • They are black.
  • The forearm guard is 9" long from tip to tip, tapering to 6" on the underside.
  • The overall length, including the hand guard, is 11.5."
  • They are adjustable from 5.5"-10.5" at the wrist, and 11"-13.75" around the forearm. 
  • The underside features beautiful, engraved buckles in stainless steel

*** PLEASE NOTE *** Armory Rasa products are Made to Order, to your size (and colors, etc.). Please give Gabriel approximately 3 weeks to produce your products and mail them to you. If you need them sooner, please contact us so that we can find our if Gabriel can expedite your order.

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