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About us

Aradani Studios was founded in 2002 by the Bielaczyc siblings, Michael, Paul and Sara. Their original intention was to work at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival as a part-time endeavor, a way for them to spend time together and have some fun selling artwork. So many people were interested in Paul's elven costume, particularly the pointed ears, that the they decided that they would add elf ears to the business. The following weekend, the Bielaczyc's began what Aradani Studios is best known for: hand-painting elf ears to blend in naturally with people's skin tone.

Aradani in 2003

Paul, Sara, and Michael Bielaczyc, TN Ren Faire, 2003

What began as a once a year activity for the brothers expanded in 2003 to include three Renaissance festivals and multiple conventions around the country. During this time, Aradani Studios carried a variety of other brands, but didn't manufacture any of their own products. However, with customers requesting custom prosthetics at every show, they decided it was time to expand.

Starting early in 2005, they began sculpting and producing their own line of prosthetics, by 2007, over 90% of the products they sold were created in house, made and manufactured in Nashville, Tennessee. Customers all over the world have enjoyed Aradani elf ears and masks.

Aside from latex prosthetics and jewelry, Michael and Paul Bielaczyc are acclaimed fantasy artists, winning awards all over the country and working for companies such as Dragonlance and Apex Digest. Their work can be seen in shows across the Southeast and various publications.

Paul sculpting the prototype for the vampire forehead - 2005.

About our business practices:

We strive to bring the best quality costuming to our customers. We also try our best to have most things made in the United States (or if possible in fair trade commerce). 80% of our products are made in the U.S. , and 100% of the products we make are designed, built and manufactured here in the U.S.A. by workers who are paid a fair wage.

Nashville, TN. Home of Aradani

What we do.

We are makers. Paul and Michael are both professional artists who work in traditional media. They have shown worldwide and have been published in a variety of books and magazines. Sara has changed from 2d art to Ceramics and shows locally and at the shows Aradani travels to.

Aradani Elf Ears

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The Aradani Crew:

Who is on the Aradani Team? Meet the team.


Michael Bielaczyc


Paul Bielaczyc


Sara Bielaczyc



Suzy Devos


Laura Bielaczyc

 Brian Hulsey






Past Aradani Crew


  • Romerus Greer
  • Aiden Walker 
  • Anton Souvorin
  • Patrick Duggan
  • Lonnie Ray
  • Juli Shipley
  • Adam Doochin
  • Camacho