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Fili Bracers: The Hobbit

Armory Rasa

  • $150.00

Aradani is proud to pair up with Armory Rasa to provide some epic leather work based on some of your favorite movies and games!

What's the only thing better than a Kili cosplay? A FILI & KILI COSPLAY!

They'd been next on my list anyway after Thorin's bracers, but popular demand made sure that was sooner rather than later. And aesthetically speaking, these are probably my favorite of the three -- they have the intricate tooling that makes Thorin's bracers the stuff of royalty (because after all, who's next in line for the throne?) combined with a rich, red-brown color that really brings out the depth in the design.

They are comprised of two main parts, a flexible backing made of 4-6 oz leather that has been heavily oiled and distressed, and a thicker tooled portion that is not only decorative but also a fully functional knife sheath. (Shown here with a steak knife, because that's how I roll.)

They are available in two different, slightly overlapping sizes:

Small: fits 6"-9" at the wrist, 8.5"-11" at the forearm
Large: fits 7.5"-11.5" at the wrist, 10"-15" at the forearm.

Since these are meant to be worn by burly dwarves in many sweaters, make sure that you're taking into account any padding that you intend to wear under the bracers.

The stats:

  • This listing is for a pair (two bracers).
  • The bracer is 8" long from tip to tip, 6" wide at the narrowest point and 7.75" at the widest. Adjustments for small/large sizing happens entirely in the length of the straps, not the body of the bracer.
  • They are cleared to accommodate knives with up to a 6" blade. Any longer than that, and you're liable to start slicing through the stitching.

*** PLEASE NOTE *** Armory Rasa products are Made to Order, to your size (and colors, etc.). Please give Gabriel approximately 3 weeks to produce your products and mail them to you. If you need them sooner, please contact us so that we can find our if Gabriel can expedite your order.

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