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Flesh Latex

Flesh Latex

Aradani Studios

  • $5.00

Flesh Latex is extremely susceptible to cold weather (i.e. freezing destroys it), please read the warning below. You can also use this handy forecast map on The Weather Channel website to see projected temperatures for the next 7 days and nights!


Aradani Studios flesh latex is a light skintone color.  It is used to blend the edges of latex prosthetics into the skin to create a more realistic look.  Flesh latex can also be used to add texture and depth to create a dramatic effect in costumes such as zombies and orcs! If you need a special color, just email us and we will let you know if we can or can't help.


Freezing temperatures can destroy flesh latex. Mail is shipped in non-climate controlled vehicles (planes and trucks), so if the temperatures are below freezing between Nashville, TN and where you live, this item could be ruined. Aradani Studios is not responsible to replace flesh latex damaged due to orders placed during cold times of year. If there is doubt, we suggest waiting until temperatures increase before ordering this item, or check this map! Other items, such as spirit gum, elf ears, etc. are not affected by low temperatures. Thanks.

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