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Spirit Gum Remover

-Spirit Gum Remover-

Aradani Studios

  • $3.99

Spirit Gum Remover helps to remove spirit gum and make-up quickly and gently from your skin. We use Graftobian Brand Remover, which is gentle on the skin, but cleans up BOTH make-up and spirit gum easily. Do NOT use this product on any latex prosthetics, as mineral oil based products (including cosmetic make-ups) can break down latex!

Please NOTE: Aradani is unable to ship this product internationally. For more information, please click here.

About Spirit Gum Remover:

If you're going to be working with large amounts of Spirit Gum, you should definitely have a supply of Spirit Gum Remover (for smaller applications such as elf ears, remover isn't necessary). This is good when using full face prosthetics, noses, masks, etc. Work remover under appliance with sponge tipped implement or a cotton swab. This dissolves the Spirit Gum and cleans up the skin.

When using to clean spirit gum off of skin or hands, pour remover into the palm of your hand, and get your fingertip wet. Rub finger tip over the spirit gummed area until the glue cleans up. Dry skin with paper towel to easily remove the oils of the remover. It is best to put directly on skin and not on a paper towel or cloth to rub in. Doing so just makes it not as effective and requires much more to clean up spirit gum. 

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