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Orc Kit - Battle Orc

Orc Kit - Battle Orc

Aradani Studios

  • $75.00

Perfect for: Uruk-Hai Orcs, Goblins, LARP costumes. An $92 value if purchased individually, our Orc Pro Kit comes with everything you'll need to hunt those filthy, little halflings. We have now added options, so that you can upgrade parts of the costume too! Also, whatever latex color you specify, we will produce the mask and the ears in that color.

Base kit Includes the following items:
Battle Orc Face Prosthetic, unpainted
Moon Ears Prosthetic, unpainted
Black Wig

1 set of teeth/fangs
1/8 oz. Spirit Gum
1 oz. Remover
1 oz. Flesh Latex

Red Orc Kit Make-up: one large creme red, dark brown, white, and  black. 

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