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Deep Space Nose Ridge

Deep Space Nose Ridge

Aradani Studios

  • $5.00

Need to look like a visitor from another planet, well other than a pair of pointed ears, nothing is simpler than a little nose job. The Deep Space Nose features very thin flashing along the edges to help make blending in the prosthetic much easier.

Please note: This product is sold unpainted. Unlike human ears which are more consistent in skintone shades, noses vary so much that we recommend that you paint it yourself once applied.

The best way do that is:

  1. Apply the prosthetic unpainted to your skin using spirit gum.
  2. Then use Flesh Latex and tissue paper to feather the edges of the prosthetic onto your nose (you'll probably need a few layers and air dry/blow dry between layers).
  3. Finally, once you are happy with the blending of the edges, use Rubber Mask Grease paint to paint the prosthetic, and blend the make-up onto your skin to create a nice gradation to match your skintone. (We also offer RMG kits with multiple colors at a discount in both Light and Dark skintone kits).

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