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Hero of Legend Belts

Aradani Studios

  • $139.00

The Hero of Hyrule needs to carry the burden of his adventure, and what better way then a solidly built leather shoulder harness and waist belt. Our Hero Belts are made with real leather that is hand dyed, cut, and sealed. These leather pieces will last a life time, or until you run out of hearts.

We are now proud to offer 2 distinct styles, one based on Link from Twilight Princess and the most recent Champion's Tunic style from Breath of the Wild.

And for those that want to complete the look, we offer the Sheikah Slate and Traveler's Shield now! If you purchase either of these items in addition to the belts, I will modify the belts to allow either of those to attach to your BotW Hero Belts.

Twilight version

This option features a single waist belt along with the standard shoulder harness. It is designed to look like the belts in both Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. The Shoulder belts have a thicker belt with a buckle and a shoulder pad, and there is thinner belt that runs under the other arm. (Please see the photos with the green tunic). *More details below.

Wild version

This option has the same shoulder harness system, but also has a second waist belt that hangs a bit lower and at an angle. "I worked hard to recreate the belts from Breath of the Wild, including small loops and straps along the back of the belts." --Paul

Please make sure to look at the below image, and email us the appropriate measurements for this particular item. I need the 2 measurements, and which shoulder you would like the pad to rest on.

*This item includes both the shoulder harness with double straps under the arms, as well as the belt around the waist. The waist belt is 1.5 inch leather with a silver buckle; the shoulder system is 1.5 inch belts across the shoulder, and 1 inch smaller belts going under the other arm. The shoulder piece is a 2.5 inch wide strip of leather with slots cut for the 1.5 inch belt to go through. While trying to remain as true to the game as possible, sometimes things in games can't be perfectly translated to real life. As the belts curve around your body, they tend to flare out along your sides under your arms. To compensate for this, we have added some metal rings on the sides to keep the belts flat against you as they go around the body. This also adds a bit of weight to the bottom of the harness, keeping the harness in place better.

The use of the rings also means that you can attach small leather straps that run from the rings to belt loops to make a truly realistic harness system for helping distribute the weight of a sword and shield (belts as is do not come with the smaller support straps).

Since each costume is Made to Order, please allow 2 weeks to complete your costume before we can ship it.* We will send you a form to fill out to get your exact measurements for your custom costume.

*Please note. This 2 weeks work time is during our non-busy times of year. During April-June and August to Halloween, we may not have time to make Made to Order costumes at all.

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