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Zelda Traveler's Shield


  • $149.00

A trusty shield to assist Link on his travels across Hyrule, Aradani is proud to offer this handpainted, foam Traveler's Shield. Very lightweight compared to other shields, it measures about 18 inches in diameter, and has a sturdy handle and leather strap on the back for carrying the shield properly. This beautiful piece is also great for simply displaying on your wall, or works great for any Breath of the Wild cosplay. The shield can easily be clipped to your Hero Belts when walking around Hyrule saving the day... or just getting lost exploring the world.

If you purchase both the Hero Belts and the Traveler's Shield, I will modify the Hero Belts to allow the shield to be mounted to the belts for strapping the shield to your back.

Personal Note from Paul: This item is handmade by an amazing cosplay artisan located in Russia. I wanted a great Sheikah Slate for my cosplay, but I was reluctant to buy an item that was more expensive to ship then the product itself. Plus it would take 4-6 weeks to arrive! Then I realized that Aradani could buy a bunch and sell these beautiful works of art in the US, so that you don't have to pay for international shipping or wait 4-6 weeks. And then I saw that not only did the artisan make Slates, but also Shields and bows too!

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