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Rigid Collodion

Rigid Collodion


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We have decided to stop carrying Rigid Collodion.  You can order it here:

Rigid Collodion is an amazing special effects product, creating some of the most life-like scars you will ever see. This is what they used to make John Locke's scars on LOST, and the best part is that anyone can use it and look like a pro in no time.

To use, simply paint a thin line of Collodion on the skin where you would like to create the illusion of a scar. As the product dries, it shrinks slowly pulling your skin inward. Once a coat dries, paint another coat directly on top of the previous cost. You can continue doing this, and each coat will pull the skin tighter and tighter, creating a slightly shiny groove on your skin. It is that simple. To remove, gently stretch the surrounding skin until the Collodion pops around an edge. Grab the edge of the material, and slowly pull to remove from the skin.

Personal experience from Paul: So the above statement is the basic instruction manual style how-to. I wanted to give my personal take on this product. Be careful around areas that tend to move a lot, especially around the mouth. Since you remove Collodion by pulling on the skin, as you talk, smile, etc. it will loosen slightly and the edges of the Collodion will be visible. I haven't had this problem around the eyes, cheeks etc. Just when painting it around my lips. Typically I will put it on there, get some good pictures, and after about 20 minutes peel off the stuff around my lips as it starts to peel.

Also, when you remove this, your skin will be red and usually stays like that for a bit. This is just because the Collodion has been tugging on your skin for X amount of time. It fades over time, so no worries.

Click on additional photos to see my Army of Darkness Ash costume. I can't find any other close-ups of the Collodion for this costume, but you can see some of it.

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