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Hero of Legend Full Costume - Deluxe

Aradani Studios

  • $375.00

Update, Sept 2017. While we will continue to offer our standard version of our Hero of Legend, at this time we are discontinuing the Deluxe version until we can find a better way to make the embroidery on the lower edges of the tunic.

We are proud to present our version of one of the most classic heroes in video game history. Now is your chance to dress as the Hero of Legend. The deluxe versions are the most accurate to the game, having all of the embroidery and lacing that makes the costume really shine. Handmade in Nashville, TN, we are proud to use high quality fabrics in all of our high-end costumes.

Includes deluxe tunic, deluxe hat, & white shirt.
A major SAVINGS compared to buying all the components separately! 

Please note that the full costume doesn't come with pants. We recommend looking at your local thrift store, especially in the Women's pants section, to find the right pants to complete your costume.

To complete your costume, we also sell the following components separately on our website: BracersBeltsShield, & Ears.

These items we do not sell: chainmail, sword, boots, & wig.

Since each costume is custom made to your order, please allow 2 weeks to complete your costume before we can ship it. Each part can be a custom color as well.  Just email us or leave a comment with the order to request any specific colors or sizes.

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