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Geek Boffer Mace

Aradani Studios

  • $99.00

Nerf has discontinued the Nerf Mace that formed the handle for our Geek Boffer. Because of their decision, the cost to buy that portion of this product has doubled or even tripled! I can still make these, but unfortunately the price reflects the short supply that exists for these items. If you order one of these, it may take a little time for me to find a good deal on the Nerf potion of the item. Thanks.

Aradani Studios is proud to present our newest edition of Elven Geek products, a d20 Boffer Mace. This exciting new addition is designed specifically so that you can give your DM or your players a good whack for a poor choice, or for not paying attention. The Boffer Mace features a 6 inch green foam d20 atop a Nerf Battlemace handle (converted to be more geeky). When we saw these foam dice at GenCon in 2011, we knew that we had to make a new product, and it debuted soon after  at Dragon*Con 2011.

Having been a gamer for most of my life, I was always on the lookout for innovative and exciting new gaming products, both for playing and just for fun. Back in 2004, when Aradani started making simple jewelry featuring dice, I had a request to make dice jewelry in which the dice could be removed and still used in games. I spent about a week scouring my jewelry catalogs, until I found the perfect clasp, a small barrel clasp that I could sink halfway into the die, and attach to necklaces and other jewelry. The result is our line of Elven Geek jewelry and props. Wear your die and proudly proclaim that you are a gamer, and when the moment strikes, you are always prepared, whether it is dodging a fireball or making a listen check.

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