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Enamel Pins

Aradani Costumes

  • $7.99

We are excited to offer some classic and new designs on Enamel Pins. Please keep checking back as we add new designs to our line-up.

Yin Lang

One of Paul's earliest pieces of professional art, Yin Lang, is also one of his most recognizable (and stolen!) pieces of art. Done as a commission for a college graduation gift for a friend he'd known since elementary school, Paul wanted to combine the imagery of wolves and the ancient Chinese Yin Yang, two symbols that were very important to his friend. After much trial and error, this image  emerged, and the rest is history. Also available as a t-shirt, in 2019 Paul did a successful Kickstarter to bring this artwork to life as an enamel pin.


To commemorate being Toastmaster for JordanCon 11: The Shai'Con, Paul decided to make a pin to celebrate all things evil and twisted (the theme translates to The Dark Con). This pin represents the breaking of Balance and Order, and letting Chaos reign.