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Give Peace a Chance, Don't Let Robots Kill

Give Peace a Chance, Don't Let Robots Kill

Aradani Studios

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give peace a chance, don’t let robots kill. 16x20". Oil on panel.

In the collection of Daniel Hooper.

I do not believe in war. I do not believe in preemptive violence against other people. One tactic that we have been using for years now is drone warfare in our “War Against Terror”. Even if we leave the cliché Sci-fi universal idea that armed robots flying in the sky is a bad idea, anyone should realize how this new type of war is both scary and horrifying. We are flying remote controlled planes with names like Reaper and firing missiles down onto “militants” in the name of protecting our country. It is hard to find numbers on casualties, besides the reported numbers of militants and terrorist leaders killed. Even Wikipedia only lists the approximate numbers of militants killed. Many places have reported, including the Pakistani government, that the drone attacks kill many more civilians than militants. If this war is to stop terrorism, then why are we so dead set on killing innocents and making excuses for it? If we believe in this, does this allow for Pakistan to build drones and attack Washington for ordering attacks that have caused thousands of deaths in their country? Could they not list the same excuses we do? That we have no respect for the lives of their peaceful citizens, that they have to protect their borders and way of living? If they do not have the right to do that to us, why do we have the right to preemptively attack country after country? In my life, I have never found that the best way to handle something is through violence. Can’t we give peace a chance?

About the Artist

Michael Bielaczyc has been working professionally in the art field since 2001 when he founded Aradani Studios with his brother Paul. Together they have exhibited across America selling both their artwork and costuming. He works in many mediums from oil paint to latex prosthetics, video to graphite.

In 2012, Michael started Lone Wanderer Entertainment with his long time friend Dane Clark Collins to publish books based in their dark fantasy world – Atheles. Since then he has authored 4 books and created the SagaBorn RPG system.

You can see his complete work at .

Artist Statement:

True myth has slowly been destroyed by modern culture. We have found light in the darkness, and with it shut the door to true belief in the unbelievable.We are left only with personal mythologies, views which can only really be understood by our solitary self.

I feel my only option is to share my myths and hope it sparks a little bit of belief in something beyond ourselves.

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