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Demon Lord Mask

Aradani Studios

  • $39.99

Tired of pesky young men in shiny scalemail coming into home, kidnapping the ladies, and otherwise making a mess of the place (you know, breaking dishes, making skylights, spilling your vats of stew!). Well, it's time to put that little boy in his place.

Our Demon Lord Mask is perfect for dressing up a the Lord of Darkness, or any other demon. This Demon Lord mask is cast in slip cast latex to provide a durable and realistic prothetic. We recommend attaching it with spirit gum along the edges of the mask, though Pro's Aide should keep it on no matter what your trouble your costume puts you in. 

Wig (and unicorn horn) available as Add-On upgrades.

The base version of this prosthetic is unpainted latex, which can be painted with either RMG (rubber mask grease) make-up or with an air-brush. The painted version comes prepainted with acrylic paints, that can easily be touched up to make this mask look exactly like you want it to.

Product Details

Size: Standard
Recommended Age: 12 and up.
Made of Costume Grade Latex
Different Make-up Colors Available
Design: Michael Bielaczyc
Manufactured by Aradani Studios, Inc. in Nashville, TN, USA.

Tags: Krampus

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