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Custom Coloring for all Elf Ears

For thorough tips on sending us a photo for custom color matching, use the below instructions. For additional pointers, check out our Photographing Tutorial.

As anyone who has met us at a show, you know that we can match any skintone out there. What many online customers don’t know is that we can also match your skintone when you purchase from our online store.

We have three basic tones (Light, Medium, and Dark, see below) which come close to matching most people’s skin, but we can do many other colors in between. If you think one of these other colors is a better match, just choose “Custom Color” from the dropdown menu, and let us know which of these colors you think is the best match for you.

If you are still unsure, you can also send us a photo. Again, select “Custom Color (Email Photo)” and send us a close-up photo of your ear to In addition to your picture, we also recommend that you still let us know which color in the chart you think is the closest match.

Please see the bottom of the page for some examples of previous customer photos.


We will be doing a video soon showing the best way to take a photo of your ear for color matching. The main thing to remember when taking your photo is to do it in a well lit room or outside on a cloudy day. Do NOT use the flash. Afterwards, go to a mirror and compare the photo to your reflection. Our matching is only as good as your photo! 


**We can do this for all natural skin tones, and we can do our best if you need a more unusual color (like green, purple, or light gray Faun Ears with a pink inner ear). While the best match is to use the same make up on your skin and elf ears, not all make-ups designed for your skin are ideal for painting latex.


Photo Checklist:

The best way to better match your skintone is to send us a photo of your ear. Here are a few tips for ordering and sending a photo.
  • Order whichever color you think is closest to your skintone.
  • On the shopping cart page in the box labelled Special instructions for seller, please type/paste, “I will be emailing a picture of my ear shortly for color matching.”
When taking the picture, please keep a few things in mind.
  • A close up of your ear from the side is best (shots from the front don’t help)
  • Snap the photo outdoors (natural light is universal in tone, unlike indoor lighting or flashes).
  • Partly sunny days are best (not too many clouds, not too much sun)
  • The sun should be behind the camera, not behind your head (back lit photos don’t help).
Please be aware that the ears still won’t be a perfect match, as colors do vary from cameras, monitors, and the fact that we are painting these by hand, but we will do our best. You may consider purchasing an RMG Pro-Kit so that you have the best make-up for touch-ups to get an even better match. Here are a few tutorials that might help, Painting the Aradani Way and Applying your Elf Ears.
Here are a few examples of some excellent photos from past customers.