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Identity Disc

Aradani Costumes

  • $200.00

PLEASE NOTE: This toy has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We no longer have this product available.

So while we have been posting up DIY videos on Youtube and our blog about how to modify your own Identity Discs, we have made a few extra discs that no one in our costuming group has claimed. We are now offering them for sale on our site. We only have 2 discs for the time being, but should be able to make more if someone is interested.

We start with the basic toy that you can find in the store. We pop out the plastic C ring piece (as you can see below), and replace it with a 2 foot section of EL Wire. This runs off of 2 AAA batteries that are inside the disc itself. To change these batteries, you will need to take out the 6 screws that hold the two disc halves together, but these drain very, very slowly, as EL Wire doesn't use much power.

We then remove the 6 LED's that light the outer ring. These are replaced with 2 feet of LED strips off of eBay, providing a ring of approximately 36 LEDs to glow around the outer disc. These are powered off of a 12 volt battery, which is accessible via the toy's battery door. This is done since the LED strip consumes more power that the EL Wire, and so having easy access to replace this battery is essential.

The disc has two small switches on the backside of the disc, one to turn on the C ring, the other for the outer ring. We offer this since the C ring always glows, even when mounted on a programs' back, while the outer ring only glows when the disc is removed and activated as seen in the movie.

Both the discs that are available are in a blue color, but if you are interested we can do a custom color, orange, red, green, purple, or pink. We would offer yellow, but the orange is almost a yellow hue and looks better than the yellow lights.

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