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Hero of Legend - Foam Master Sword

Hero of Legend - Foam Master Sword


  • $49.00

While we would love to be able to offer this item on our website as well as conventions, due to the length of this item, shipping alone would cost more than $40! But this is such a great addition to any Hero costume, we recommend buying this Foam Legend of Zelda Master Sword on Amazon. We hope that you appreciate us sharing this great deal since we can't compete with that price ourselves, and hope that you still consider Aradani for all your other Hero of Legend costuming needs.

Found in the Temple of Time, deep within the Lost Woods, or under the oceans within Hyrule Castle, the Master Sword is the Blade of Evil's Bane, and what hero isn't complete without this strapped to his back. This sword measures 49 inches long with a 7 inch grip, the enter hilt is 12 inches in length. It is painted a metallic silver and blue, and is one of the best replicas that I have seen, either in foam or steel. The best part about this foam blade, it's Con friendly! No more hiding your sword for photos, flash it with pride for the photos that everyone loves to take of Link costumes.

What a perfect companion for either our Hero of Legend Shield or our Standard or Deluxe Hero of Legend costume.

Since each costume is custom made to your order, please allow 2-3 weeks to complete your costume before we can ship it.

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