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Disc Holder Mount

Aradani Costumes

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Our mold has deteriorated beyond repair, and won't be making a new mold until they announce the next movie definitively. 

This allows you to attach props to the back of any costume. You can attach it by drilling out the holes and attaching it through the garment with 4 nuts and bolts.

Mounting to your clothing: This is a DIY project - every application is different, so you will have to figure out what works for you. For my costume, I used the 4 holes on the disk holder and mounted bolts through the holder, through my leather jacket (which is thick so it has the stiffness to hold the weight of the disk and holder), and used nuts to secure it. I trimmed of excess bolt with a Dremel tool. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN - this can crack your disk holder.

Some people have spoken to me about using magnets to hold the disk holder in place so they don’t have to poke holes in their clothes, but I can not confirm that this will work. If you have used this product and attached it in a different way, send us an email, we will post your work to our blog!

Carrying the disc on your back: This is a DIY project:

While the disc holder does have a small hook for stability, we recommend installing some magnets (or magnets and a metal strip) inside both the disc mount and the identity disc to make it fully wearable. The metal ring and magnets are used by attaching the magnets inside the disk or prop with superglue and then reinforcing it with hot glue. Once the magnets are in the disk, position the metal ring (either whole or cut into parts) inside the disk holder so that the magnets pull the disk in place. Attach the metal ring with superglue and then reinforce with hot glue.

While we used to have the option to purchase the magnets and metal rings through us, the supplier for these magnets on Amazon doesn't always have them in stock any longer. It is best to check and see if you can find them on Amazon, or at a local craft store. I recommend buying the 1/2 by 1/4 inch cylindrical rare earth metal magnets.

Paul's personal experience with mounting magnets to disc and disc holder.
My personal recommendations are to not use the metal strip at all. I recommend mounting 4 magnets on the inside of the disc. Use two-ton epoxy to mount the magnets in the disc. Put a magnet on the inner beveled edge of the disc (the part that will be near the disc holder). Dribble the epoxy on the magnet, wait 5 minutes for it to set, and do it again for the other magnets. We no longer carry the magnets since they are sometimes out of stock when we need them, but ones approx. this size should be good to use, Mounting Magnets, or Wal-Mart sometimes has some in their craft session. Using those magnets, you should only need 4 magnets per side (8 total). Once the 4 magnets are mounted inside the disc, start with the disc holder.
Align the top of the disc (the "button" with the hook on the disc holder. Take a magnet, and drop it into the cavity of the holder, and it should fly and stick to one of the walls (pulled by the magnets inside the disc!). Dribble epoxy over it, and then immediately double check that the ring is aligned correctly (sometimes when flipping it over it gets unaligned). Wait 5 minutes, and do it again for the other magnets. With the rest of the magnets, try and drop it into the cavity close to where you think a magnet inside the disc is, otherwise it will just stick to the epoxied magnets inside the cavity instead of to one in the disc.
Once you mount these 4 magnets, it should be strong enough that you can hold the disc holder disc-side-down, and the disc will stay in place (strong magnets!). If you need anything else, let me know.

Differences between the models:

We now offer the option to buy 5 Rare Earth magnets (each with 4 lbs of pull) and a metal strip to mount inside your disk and holder! While 5 magnets and the metal shoulod be enough to hold the disk in place, if you want to be sure, you can order ten magnets to make sure it has a stronger field.If you are planning on wearing your disk out in a place where you will be moving around a lot, even getting jostled (DragonCon / San Diego Comic Con) I recommend going with the ten magnet set up.

For more information on the disk holder and mounting visit our article on it!

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