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Light Flesh Creme Stack

Light Flesh Creme Stack


  • $21.00

Stack contains two 1/4 ounce creme make-ups: Light Highlight and Deep Highlight , and two 1/8 ounce make-ups: Auguste and Fairest (named Bleached Bone). 

Please NOTE: Aradani is unable to ship this product internationally. For more information, please click here.

Fairest Creme
Light Highlight


Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Cremes are ideal for hi-definition makeup whether or not you're in front of a camera. This formula is soft, silky, and gentle even for sensitive skin. It's light enough for everyday use, but with enough coverage to perform through even the most demanding of circumstances. Arguably the number one HD cream foundation on the market, our Graftobian HD Glamour Cremes are being used and loved by professionals throughout the makeup artist industry across the globe. With these shades, each natural skin tone may be matched and evened with ultra-light application. Our deep warm and neutral tones allow an artist to match ultra rich, dark skin tones without ashy results like you might get from many other brands.

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