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Troll Ears

Aradani Studios

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Perfect for Trolls, Orcs, Ogres, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Gargoyles, and Demons. Just cause your one of those races, doesn't make you evil, you could be Chaotic Neutral! 

Includes 1 pair of ears.

Troll Ears were formally called Evil Ears. But Trolls aren't always evil, so we changed the name.

Product Description

Aradani Studios elf ears are considered by many as the best costume prosthetics in the world. These are hand-crafted in our home studio by the artists of Aradani with attention to detail and quality.

Not only do we hand make and inspect each set of ears, we try to use the highest quality materials we can find. Often on the road we are told our ears last for years of use, with some people coming back with the same ears after 6-7 years of wearing them! Using RMG make-ups (rubber mask grease paint), we are able to paint the ears to match a variety of skin tones. You can attach these ears with spirit gum or liquid latex (personally we recommend spirit gum). The seam lines can be blended with latex or hidden with the use of an ear cuff as shown in the picture.

Product Details

Size: 3 1/2" from the inner-curve to tip. (adds approx. 2 1/2" to the length of your ears)
Recommended Age: 5 and up.
ALLERGY WARNING: Made of Costume Grade Latex
Different Make-up Colors Available
Design: Paul and Michael Bielaczyc
These are handcrafted in our home studio, by the artists of Aradani, with attention to detail and quality.

Color Chart:

Elf Ear color chart

Don't see ears that match your skin tone? We have other colors available to custom match your skin tone as needed.  See our FAQ for instructions on ordering a custom-painted pair.

Size Chart:

A Small Elf B Halfling C Sea Elf D Anime Elf
E Moon elf F  High elf G Space Elf H Troll Ear
K Faun Ear M Wood elf N Dwarf Ear J Large Anime Ear
L Legend Ear Q Royal Fae Ear T Twilight Ear

Please note: Dusk, Nomad, and Wild Elf ears are not pictured. Please see their item descriptions for a size description.

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Spirit Gum

Spirit gum is used to attach the elf ears. A small 1/8 oz. bottle will apply the ears about a hundred times.

Spirit Gum and Remover

This kit comes with 1/8 oz. bottle of Spirit gum and 1 oz. bottle of Spirit Gum Remover. Our spirit gum actually dries, unlike most brands, which allows for easy removal, but some people like to use the remover to help clean and rejuvenate their skin.
Remover is only for use on skin, not the elf ears! Remover has mineral oil in it, which can cause the latex to break down. This kit comes with 1/8 oz.of spirit gum and 1 oz. of remover. Please note: Do NOT use spirit gum remover on any latex prosthetics, just for use on your skin. Mineral oil based products (including cosmetic make-ups) can break down latex!

Pro Kit

For the elf who needs it all! Our elf ear pro kits contain everything needed to attach, blend in, touch up, and remove your elf ears... all at a great savings compared to buying the items individually!

These kits are pre-painted a base flesh tone, and come with the matching RMG stack so that you can easily touch up the ears to better match your skin tone. Please note: Do NOT use spirit gum remover on any latex prosthetics, just for use on your skin. Mineral oil based products (including cosmetic make-ups) can break down latex!

Kits include:
1/8 ounce spirit gum
1 oz. spirit gum remover
2 sterling silver ear cuffs
1 matching RMG flesh stack


How To

Check out our tutorial page - "How to Apply Elf Ears" for more information.


The Easiest way to blend in the seams on your elf ears is with Ear Cuffs. Check out our collection of Ear Cuff Jewelry!

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