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Ghost Shroom Cuff

Ghost Shroom Cuff

Aradani Studios

  • $29.99

Ear cuffs are great for hiding the seam between your ear and the prosthetic ear.

These fancy style cuffs feature a Sterling Silver cuff connected via a pair of chains to a Sterling Silver post. The dangle from the cuff features a white speckled glass mushroom, flanked by 2 smaller gunmetal round beads. The dangle from the post features a longer white bead surrounded by 2 round black beads. The cuff is our Wizard Cuff, and the post features a Psychedelic Spiral design. 

These ear cuffs are handmade by Anie, one of our amazing helpers at the GA Ren Faire. If you like the design of these cuffs, but would like it in a different color, just let us know and we get your in touch with this fabulous artisan.

This is for a single cuff.

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