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Hero of the Wild Champion's shirt

Aradani Studios

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**Please note: The white pattern on the Tunic is game accurate, as seen in the photos modeled by Don. The photos of my sister show a prototype tunic that was based on some earlier concept art. Thanks! **

While the Hero of Hyrule has always adventured in green, with Breath of the Wild, Link now wears the Blue Champion's Shirt. Only those sworn to protect Princess Zelda are granted this honor. Aradani is proud to help you put together your own amazing Link cosplay, with almost all of the costume available on our website!

Includes Champion's Tunic, White patterned Shirt, Cloth patterned bracer pads

To complete your costume, we also sell the following components separately on our website: 
Hero of the Wild Bracers
Hero of the Wild Belts
Hero Gloves
Hylian Shield
Wild Elf Ears

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