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Silicone Elf Ear Tips - Wood Elf

Aradani Studios

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All silicone ears are cast in a base skintone, but will still need to be painted to your skintone. Please use this tutorial for advice on painting your silicone ears

Please note, Spirit Gum will not work on silicone prosthetics. Trust us, we have tried. We recommend Pros Aide (and you'll need the Remover!)

Adhesive Information:

We are now proud to offer the options for various adhesives for our silicone prosthetics.

1) Pros-Aide & Remover - Pros-Aide is one of the best ways to attach silicone prosthetics to your skin. It requires less prep work than Skin-Tite (see below) and lasts quite a long time. It does require Pros-Aide Remover to safely remove the prosthetic from your skin. If you would like to blend the edge as seamlessly as possible, you may need another product for blending the edge of the prosthetic onto your skin.

2) Pros-Aide Triple Pack - Comes with Pros-Aide, Pros-Aide Remover, and Pros-Aide Cream. Pros-Aide Cream acts like "bondo" for your skin, allowing you to paint a layer along the edge of the prosthetic to create a more seamless transition from the silicone prosthetic onto your skin. 

3) Pros Aide GO-Kit - Includes too much to list it all here! Contains 6 different Pros Aide related products, and you can read about everything that comes in the Pros Aide Go-Kit by clicking here!

Please note, Spirit Gum will not work on silicone prosthetics. Trust us, we have tried. We recommend Pros Aide (and you'll need the Remover!)

Product Details

Size: Medium
Recommended Age: 16 and up.
Made of Costume Grade Dragon Skin Silicone
Design and Production: Michael Bielaczyc
Manufactured by Aradani Studios, Inc. in Nashville, TN, USA.

Note from Michael About Silicone Prosthetics

Silicone Prosthetics are great, but be a little forewarned that they are a professional style prosthetic and may take a little bit of practice to get right. Unlike latex which works with almost all adhesives and is rather hard to mess up, silicone can be (but doesn’t have to be) a little more frustrating. It is the difference between doing a sketch of something and doing an oil painting. The sketch is quick, to the point and you can’t really mess up a pencil. Oil painting you need to plan ahead a little bit, make sure your workspace is set up and clean, and that you have all the necessary tools and products nearby.

This may have them start to sound a little scary, but with a few little things you can be ready to have Hollywood style FX at home. First is to know about silicone. We have an article up in our tutorial section (which you can access by clicking here) that gives a brief overview of silicone along with some videos and links. But I will also give a few tips here.

First make sure the person who is getting the prosthetic attached has clean the area with rubbing alcohol. Now we have noticed that some people’s skin seems to stop the silicone adhesive from completely drying, but in those times the silicone still gels up enough to hold.

If it is a mask or you are unsure of applying, have someone else to help! I have never applied any of our silicone appliances by myself.

Practice makes perfect. Silicone may take a little practice, but the end result is worth it! Just like with oil painting, your first try will not be a masterpiece, you have to get used to silicone and what to expect. If it doesn’t work out well the first time, go back, read our article, watch some videos, then try again.

Finally, don’t be scared of silicone prosthetics, they are a lot of fun and look great, it is well worth the small learning curve!

** Photo Information: the photos above were blended with Cream Pros Aide and colored with RMG makeup unless otherwise stated.

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