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The Sirin

The Sirin

Aradani Studios

  • $24.99

Oil on panel, 18”x24”, 2016.

The Story of the Art

Sirin’s are creatures bent on dominating the area they inhabit. Ancient texts say they are creatures who govern parts of the Navirim. When they arrive in Atheles, they do everything within their power to amass wealth, minions, and defense. Their host body does not change when possessed, so besides their insatiable lust for power, there is little that stops them from blending in.

Salt is the best way to contain or inhibit them, though I have seen some references to the use of runic magic to entrap them.



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About the Artist:

Michael Bielaczyc has been working professionally in the art field since 2001 when he founded Aradani Studios with his brother Paul. Together they have exhibited across America selling both their artwork and costuming. He works in many mediums from oil paint to latex prosthetics, video to graphite.

In 2012, Michael started Lone Wanderer Entertainment with his long time friend Dane Clark Collins to publish books based in their dark fantasy world – Atheles. Since then he has authored 4 books and created the SagaBorn RPG system.

You can see his complete work at .


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