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Deluxe Faun Hooves

Aradani Studios

  • $49.99

These work great for Satyrs, Fauns, and Demons, and other cloven beasts!

These will fit over the tip of most shoes and can be attached with super glue, or via velcro like in the larger photos. 

As of December 2021, our Deluxe Hooves are only available painted in Matte Black. The hooves are cast in natural latex color, primed with a layer of Adhesion Promoter, and then painted using acrylic paint. The primer helps bond the paint to the latex, preventing the paint from cracking and flaking as the latex flexes and stretches.

We recommend using matching faux fur (the same material as your faun pants) to cover your shoes and hide the edge where the hoof transitions to the shoe.

Personal Application Tips from Paul

They fit on your shoes similar to our satyr hooves, though they are a bit taller and wider. I mounted these onto a pair of slip-on moccasin style shoes. I used some bubble wrap to make a small pad to fill the space between the top of the shoe and the hoof (see the diagram below) to help retain the shape of the hoof when moving and walking. Then I attached the hoof to the shoe using super glue on the sole of the shoe. 

**Shoe and extra fur NOT Included

Product Details

Size: Standard.
Recommended Age: 5 and up.
Made of Costume Grade Latex
Design by: Paul Bielaczyc
Manufactured by Aradani Studios, Inc. in Nashville, TN, USA.

Tags: Krampus, horns, horn, demon, devil, tiefling, satyr, faun

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