Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you only paint one type of skin tone or can you match mine? We will do our best to match any skin tone, just please send a picture via email after submitting payment. Please make sure it is a close up of you ear, and in natural sunlight is best. Please be aware that we will try our best to match the tone, but it probably won't be perfect.
  • Can I order over the phone? Unfortunately we are set up to accept credit cards via Paypal, and so we can't accept orders over the phone. If you don't like to use paypal, you can always mail an Aradani Studios Order form to us via the Post Office.
  • How much is shipping? We offer a few different shipping options for both domestic and international customers, the prices are summarized at the bottom of the page for Priority Mail and First Class International.
  • What is in spirit gum, can I be allergic? In our experience, very few people have had a reaction to spirit gum, however the ingredients are: Isopropyl Alcohol, Rosin, Copal, & Silica.

    The best way to test for a spirit gum allergy is to put a small drop on the inside bend of your elbow.

  • How do I remove the ears? To remove, grab the top of the ear and gently pull away from the head, towards your shoulder. If well kept, our ears should last years. More information is available in this tutorial, How to Care for your Ears.

  • Do you ship internationally? Yes, we do. Please check here for shipping information.

    We have had a lot of problems in the past shipping to Brazil, but we now have a
    reseller in Brazil, you can order directly from them!

    Due to repeated problems shipping to the following countries, Brazil, Mexico and Russia, we can only ship via Global Express. We understand this is more expensive, but there is no other way to ensure delivery. EVERY single order shipped via another method has been returned to us undelivered, or lost.

  • I received an email asking me to "upgrade" my shipping to Global Express, what gives? We apologize for this, but since Standard International Mail doesn't offer insurance or tracking, Aradani Studios reserves the right to require Global Express on certain orders based on the items ordered or the value of the order. Again we apologize for this, but in order to protect our customers and ourselves, certain orders need insurance and tracking, and Global Express is the best option to achieve this.

  • I am an international customer, and they are asking me to pay money to get my package? Every country is different, but many countries charge customs fees or duties to import items. It is the buyer's responsibility to understand and pay these fees on their orders. And please do not ask us to mark your package as a gift, it is considered mail fraud and is illegal.

  • Do you accept money orders or checks? We do accept Postal Money Orders but we do not accept personal checks.

  • How fast do you normally ship? We try to pack orders on a daily basis, however our postal carrier comes very early in the morning, so there is typically a 2 business day handling time. For example, if you order on Monday afternoon, we would process and pack your order Tuesday afternoon, and it would be picked up by the USPS early on Wednesday morning.

    With Express orders, we do our *best* to get them out the door the following day if possible, so in the above example, we strive to get it out the door with the Tuesday pick-up.

    Depending on the shipping method you chose, your order will vary in transit. Standard domestic shipping (USPS priority mail) takes 2-3 business days on average in transit, standard international shipping (first class international) takes about 14-21 days. For more information, please click here for
    full shipping details .

    Now, we are a small American owned business (in other words we are not owned and run by Walmart, Best Buy or "insert any-large-corporation here"). This means that we may sometimes take up to a week to ship, it is just a occurrence that happens when it is a small business. Remember we try to provide a great product at a reasonable price at a reasonable shipping time. So please, understand if you do not receive your order the next day.

    Also during Halloween and Christmas, please place your order early as we are quite busy then and it sometimes takes about 2 weeks for things to ship. Please view this separate
    FAQ about Halloween and Christmas.

  • Do you accept returns? Yes, any item that is unused (prosthetics that have been glued on with spirit gum are considered used) may be returned for a full refund, except for Made to Order Costumes. Any costume found in our "Custom Costume" section will have a 10% restocking fee. We are very sorry about having to charge this fee, but this is necessary since the item was made to order.

    Also, we can't offer a refund on shipping costs on any order, as we have spent money to ship the order to you, and can't recover this cost. As a small business, we can't do this and remain in business. We hope that you understand.

  • Do you accept payment other than Pay Pal? Yes, fill out the Aradani Studios Order form and mail it along with a Postal Money Order to:
Aradani Studios - Orders 
PO Box 160518 
Nashville TN 37216
Note: Do not send CASH or a personal CHECK. We can not accept those forms of payment.

Nature Disclaimer:

Aradani Studios (to the best of its knowledge) does not sell any products which would cause harm to animals, forests, humans or nature in general. We strive to be in harmony with our environment, not destroy it.

Domestic Shipping (Priority Mail) :

  • $00.01-$39.99: $6.00
  • $40.00-$69.99: $8.00
  • $70.00-$99.99: $12.00
  • $100.00 and over: $20.00 (with insurance)


International Shipping (First Class International) :

International shipping rates have increased dramatically in the past few months. Sorry.

  • $00.01-$19.99: $12.50
  • $20.00-$39.99: $15.00
  • $40.00-$69.99: $18.00
  • $70.00-$99.99: $24.00
  • $100 and over: Global Express Only

All customers (except first class international mail) will receive an email the evening that their order ships with a tracking number. You can check the status of this package by going to the United States Postal Service's website.

For example a set of painted elf ears ($15 cost) only costs $6.00 to ship and 6 sets of painted elf ears ($84 cost) only costs $12.00 to ship