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Dice Tire Pressure Caps

Aradani Studios

  • $20.00

The newest addition to Aradani's Elven Geek line of products, tire pressure caps. Featuring the most beautiful dice in all of gaming, we use only Chessex dice to manufacture our line of Elven Geek products. Many of these products are designed with the gamer in mind, creating jewelry and other everyday items that not only feature dice prominently, but are specifically designed to allow you to remove the dice and still game with them (tire pressure caps do NOT come off, as that would be a horrible design choice for something spinning at such high RPMs!).

Our Dice Tire Pressure caps fit all standard size car valve stems. We offer them in a variety of colors, though for simplicity sake, I only took a few photos to demonstrate what they look like. I personally have tested a set of these for the past year, driving over 20,000 miles with them, and I still have all 4! And not only have I thoroughly tested them, but I did so in the geekiest way possible. The two Beta test drives that I made with the Tire Pressure Caps were first to Dragon*Con and second, to a painting class with Dungeons and Dragons artist Larry Elmore. I don't think that you can be any more geeky when testing out a new product like this.

NOTE: we don't have standard colors in stock for this particular item. Please email me with your color preference, and I can send you links to Chessex's website with the actual styles that I have in stock at a given time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Having been a gamer for most of my life, I was always on the lookout for innovative and exciting new gaming products, both for playing and just for fun. Back in 2004, when Aradani started making simple jewelry featuring dice, I had a request to make dice jewelry in which the dice could be removed and still used in games. I spent about a week scouring my jewelry catalogs, until I found the perfect clasp, a small barrel clasp that I could sink halfway into the die, and attach to necklaces and other jewelry. The result is our line of Elven Geek jewelry and props. Wear your die and proudly proclaim that you are a gamer, and when the moment strikes, you are always prepared, whether it is dodging a fireball or making a listen check.

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