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RMG Make up

RMG Make up


  • $12.60

You asked for it, we got it! RMG make-up (rubber mask greae paint) is the IDEAL make-up for painting latex. Castor oil based, Graftobian brand RMG is the exact make-up Aradani Studios uses to paint every pair of ears that we sell online or at any of our shows. Aradani's price is still at a discount compared directly to the supplier!

Individual containers are 1/2 ounce.

Sierra Medium Highlight Dark Bronze
Warm Tan Milk Chocolate Ebony
White Black Frankie Grey
Red Rose Blush Suntan Red
Blood Blister Twilight Purple Deep Blue
Mold Green Teal Blue Alien Green
Deep Yellow

Graftobian RMG formulation is second to none in the industry as is widely known throughout Hollywood and elsewhere. RMG is a castor oil based creme makeup product used to coat latex and foam latex appliances while protecting the piece and yielding a natural look at the edges of the piece where the piece meets the skin. All of our RMG colors are matched by the equivalent F/X Aire™ Airbrush Shade for ease of use for those artists who like to use both media on the same job.

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