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Boomstick Harness

Aradani Studios

  • $299.99

Klaatu barada ni... na... oh crap. Well, no matter what the words are, you can't go around fighting the undead unless you have a place to store your boomstick. Designed to replicate Ash's harness from the movie, this boomstick holster is made to order from 8/9 ounce Veg tan leather. It is then dyed a medium brown, antiqued, and super sheened to protect it from the elements, and Deadite blood!

The harness is designed to fit this particular toy shotgun, but it should fit most props that are about the same dimensions. I recommend this particular toy though as it paints up quite nicely. It also has a good weight to it, allowing you to spin the gun by the trigger guard like Ash does in the movie. You can read about how I altered the gun in my article, and it should be easy to replicate that yourself.

The Classic 80's version is based off of the movie, and is the primary image. This one has multiple belts that attach to the 2 rings near each shoulder. The Modern Day is based off the new TV series, and has the 2 belts that cross in the center of the chest, one of them having eyelets running along most of the front of the belt. The Modern Day version also comes with a belt for your blue jeans, as this version snaps onto that belt <pictures of various angles coming soon>

I should only need 2 measurements, your waist and chest measurements. It is very important to take actual measurements with a tape measure. Most pants are vanity sizes, meaning that if you wear a 32 waist pants, your waist is probably closer to 39 inches in reality. So please, please take actual measurements, or the harness might not fit at all. 

We will email you a form to fill out for your exact measurements so your boomstick harness is custom fit just for you!

I have also added the option of a chainsaw pull. I use a Simpson strap, bend it to a U shape and dremel the correct shape from the metal U. If you look carefully at close shots of the pull in Ash Vs Evil Dead, the angled corners makes me think that they did something similar for the show.

Nickel... necktie... it was definitely an n-word.

Since each costume is custom made to your order, please allow 2 weeks to complete your costume before we can ship it.

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