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The Elves of Uteria - an RPG Sourcebook - Print Edition

Lone Wanderer Entertainment

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Welcome to the World of Uteria
The world of Uteria has lived in darkness for years beyond count. It has been ravaged by plagues for hundreds of years. An ancient war ravaged the land with dark magics.For a long time, the humans have trudged along, afraid of the myths and legends left over from the past.

The old kingdoms have crumbled, leaving behind city states and large tracks of unclaimed lands. In the East the land is harsh and twisted, the remnants of the dark sorcery that had been used in the Aradan War have left the lands almost inhabitable, save for small pockets of civilization. In the west, in the wake of the plagues, people had become isolated and exclusive. Fear has driven people to be wary of anyone or anything new. Their superstitions have lead to witch hunts and lynching of those believed to use magic. People have become so down trodden that even their belief in higher powers has fallen to little more than lip service.

But all of that has begun to change in the last 20 years. Children are showing the ability to use magic. Real magic. The elves have started to come out of their forests and having limited interactions with others. The dwarves have begun to trade again, traveling the roads plying their mechanical and trade works. And whispers of dark powers, heroes, and a new dawn have begun to creep into this rain soaked and gray world.

What is in the book?
The Elves of Uteria is a story heavy source book featuring an original re-imagining of fantasy elves. The book is 76 pages with plenty of art, fiction and gaming material.

The Elves of Uteria is told through the eyes of Jarin Plainswalker, as Druid from the Western Council who was tasked with reestablishing contact with the elves of the world. The five different cultures of the elves are explored, as well as the elflings, who are the fey cousins of the elves.

Jarin keeps records of the places he goes, so the book includes a map of western Uteria, Jarin's journals and entries as he travels, and some of the creatures he encounters.

Magic has also begun to wake in the lands, and Jarin records the different types he encounters and their application in the world around him.

The Cultures of the Elves

The five cultures that Jarin rediscovers span the westlands of Uteria, from the wild elves of the plains, to the dark elves of the North. Also chronicled is the Alfiren race, a small fey race that wanders throughout the lands and lives in the secluded area known as the Vale.

He looks at the elves society and religion, as well as their use of magic and warcraft,

These are based in the world of Uteria, but can easily be converted over into other worlds and campaigns.

Gaming Features:

Creature Compendium – 12 monsters with full stats and information.
Spell book – 8 spells based on the elven cultures.
Story tips for the elves and elflings as player races.
An explanation of the base magic system in Uteria – ravaging, spell points, and feats. An explanation of the base spellcaster class.
Our modified spellcasting system eliminates spell classes like wizards, clerics, ect and replaces it with a base spellcaster class and archetypes.

Michael Bielaczyc - Michael's work spans the fantastical to the strange. He has worked with many larger companies such as Dragonlance, Kobold Quarterly, Frog God Games as well as his own projects.
Paul Bielaczyc - Paul has worked with many of the same companies as his brother, Michael, and is also a Chesley Award winning artist.
Sam Flegal - Sam Flegal is an oil painter who describes his work as “stylized realism,” portraying fantastical things in a graphic manner, but with an eye towards real life. Working as a fantasy illustrator, Sam has worked on projects such as Legend of the Five Rings, Warhammer Fantasy, Monster Hunter International, and of course The World of Uteria!
Sarah Frary - Sarah Frary is a wanderer and explorer in our own world and her art expresses that. When not exploring the wilds, she runs her own tattoo shop in the far west.
Melissa Gay - Melissa Gay is a Nashville illustrator whose painting style she likes to call "atmospheric realism." Her work includes book covers for Apex, Mythopoeic, and Immersion Press, the Angel Dreams Oracle deck for Hay House Publishing, and illustrations for roleplaying games such as The Dresden Files, Part-Time Gods, Mermaid Adventures, Fantasy HERO, Psi-Punk, Camp Myth, and more.
Brian Hulsey - Sculptor extraordinaire, Brian lives in Nashville and specializes in the dark and grotesque. When he first saw the sketches for the elves in masks, he asked to sign up and sculpt them for us!
Aaron Miller - Aaron Miller is a Chicago based illustrator in the style of imaginative realism. Some of his projects include Magic the Gathering, D&D, Star Wars, Legends of Norrath, NYC the Powerful, Immortalis, and Shogun Rising just to name a few.
Christopher Burdett - A master of monster design, Christopher contributed some work to the creature compendium.

Hardcover: 78 pages
Publisher: Aradani Studios (March 10, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0996013806
ISBN-13: 978-0996013802
Product Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 0.3 inches


Tags: Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, SagaBorn, Adventure, D&D

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