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Moiraine and Lan Shirt

Aradani Studios

  • $15.00

Moiraine and Lan T-Shirt - officially licensed Wheel of Time merchandise, printed by Ta'veren Tees

No room on the walls to hang art? No problem. You can now wear officially licensed Wheel of Time artwork on officially licensed t-shirts. These shirts are produced by Ta'veren Tees, also known as The Wheel of Time Store, where you can find many other t-shirts and products featuring artwork from other officially licensed Wheel of Time artists!


About the Piece:


"An Aes Sedai, if she really was one, and a Cairhienin? There could be no worse combination."
-- Lan Mandragoran


About the Artist:

Paul and his brother Michael opened Aradani Studios in 2002, selling both their artwork and costuming as they traveled all across the US. Paul’s medium of choice is charcoal, a passion he discovered in college. He loves the fluidity of it, the ease of moving it across the page with a simple gesture, and on the flipside, the challenge of it, such a simple gesture can also erase hours of painstaking detail. Paul’s work has won numerous awards around the country, including the prestigious Chesley Award in 2006, for Best Monochrome Unpublished for his piece Nightmare. He currently resides in Nashville, TN, where he, his brother, and sister continue to expand and build their elf ear empire.

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