Steampunk Biomorphic Surgical Mask - Unpainted

  • Steampunk Biomorphic Surgical Mask - Unpainted
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  • Brand: Aradani Studios
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 Product Description

This is a semi rigid plastic surgical mask, in raw format straight from the mold. It has horns coming from the left side and an elastic band. It can be painted with any type of paint after a layer of primer is applied.


This was a mask I made for a creepy Steampunk aristocrat costume. I wanted to have some sort of breathing apparatus for being on deck of an airship.

Product Details

Size: Standard
Recommended Age: 5 and up.
Made of Smooth Cast 300 Hard Plastic
Different Colors Available
Design and Production:Michael Bielaczyc
Manufactured by Aradani Studios, Inc. in Nashville, TN, USA.

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