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Having been a gamer for most of my life, I was always on the lookout for innovative and exciting new gaming products, both for playing and just for fun. Back in 2004, when Aradani started making simple jewelry featuring dice, I had a request to make dice jewelry in which the dice could be removed and still used in games. I spent about a week scouring my jewelry catalogs, until I found the perfect clasp, a small barrel clasp that I could sink halfway into the die, and attach to necklaces and other jewelry. The result is our line of Geek Chic jewelry and props. Wear your die and proudly proclaim that you are a gamer, and when the moment strikes, you are always prepared, whether it is dodging a fireball or making a listen check.

Our Geek Chic Dice Earrings feature a removable standard size d20 attached to a surgical steel earring post. All dice featured on the website are from Chessex Manufacturing. Half of a small barrel clasp is inserted into the one's side of the die, so that whenever you need the assistance of a twenty sided die, you are ready to go.

Sometimes we run out of stock on certain colors, so please list your first, second, and third choice for colors. We will do our best to fulfill your top choice!

If you would like to see if we have a specific color available, you may type any Chessex style into the text box. If we happen to have that available (even if it isn't one of our standard colors), we will gladly make this style your first choice instead! 

To remove the die, simply grab the exposed portion of the barrel clasp attached to the necklace or earring, and holding the die, rotate to unscrew it. The die will come off with ease and be ready to play with.

All our dice jewelry has been thoroughly tested to ensure that the hardware added to the die does not negatively (or positively) affect its rolling. While I have inserted hardware into the die, the rolling still appears to be statistically neutral. Plus, your DM should give you a bonus for gaming in style.

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