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Our elf ear pro kits contain everything needed to attach, blend in, touch up, and remove your elf ears... all at a great savings compared to buying the items individually!

These kits are prepainted a base flesh tone, and come with the matching RMG stack so that you can easily touch up the ears to better match your skin tone. Please note: Do NOT use spirit gum remover on any latex prosthetics, just for use on your skin. Mineral oil based products (including cosmetic make-ups) can break down latex!


Kits include:
1 pair of painted ears (choice of skin tone)
1/8 ounce spirit gum
1 oz. spirit gum remover

2 sterling silver ear cuffs
1 matching RMG flesh stack

Light and Medium RMG stacks include:

1/2 ounce Graceful Swan RMG

1/2 ounce Dark Bronze RMG

1/4 ounce Red RMG

Dark RMG stacks include:

1/2 ounce Milk Chocolate RMG

1/2 ounce Warm Tan RMG

1/4 ounce Ebony RMG


Want to upgrade the earrings in your kit?
 You can substitute any fancy cuff for ONE of the basic cuffs
for only $10 more (fancy cuffs regularly priced $20 each).

If you would like to get two matching fancy earrings, please email us to inquire. Thanks.

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