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Hero of Legend Bracers - Deluxe (pair)

  • $110.00

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Griffin Leather Works has designed a deluxe Hero Bracer, one that combines both the garment leather pad and the 9 ounce leather bracer. The two pieces are sewn together, and mounted with two strap and buckle closures.

Please see the additional photos for multiple angles.

No Hero costume is complete without the bracers that he wore into battle. These bracers are made with 9 ounce Veg Tan leather, giving them a nice thickness. They are fully stained and treated so they are ready for all types of weather. They clasp underneath using a strap and buckle system, so not only are they adjustable, but also much better looking than a simple cord lace-up system. The design was drawn by Paul, and are embossed into the leather. Available in brown with green bracer pads.


Unfortunately we do not offer the gloves for sale. For advice on how to make these, please view our tutorial,

Since each costume is custom made to your order, please allow 2 weeks to complete your costume before we can ship it.

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