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Reniasssance Costumes
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Basic Long Cloak
Basic Long Cloak is made from a heavy twill and is lighter than the wool cloak.  This cloak is ..
Brotherhood Duster
The Brotherhood of the Highway Duster, also called a Highwayman Surcoat This jacket is typic..
Dark Elf Ranger Leather Armor
Full Dark Elf Leather Armor Set Designed by: Michael Bielaczyc Includes: Breastplate, Le..
Dark Elf Ranger Leather Breastplate
Dark Elf Ranger Breastplate 100% leather, by Aradani Studios Since each costume is custom ma..
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Deluxe Hero Bracers (pair)
Griffin Leather Works has designed a deluxe Hero Bracer, one that combines both the garment leather ..
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Hero Bracer (single)
This is for a SINGLE bracer. We are happy to now offer the Hero Bracers as a single bracer or a p..
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Hero Bracer Pads (Pair)
This is for a PAIR of bracer pads. This item is also available at a discount bundled with the bra..
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Hero Bracers (Pair)
This is for a PAIR of bracers. We are happy to now offer the Hero Bracers as a single bracer or a..
Hero Shield
Found deep underground in the cemetary, or bought at the local village, every Hero needs a shield th..
Hero's Belts
What better way to help carry the burden of your adventure then with a leather shoulder harness and ..
Long Wool Cloak
Long Wool Cloak Product Description This long wool cloak is perfect for those cold and windy day..
Red Anime Duster
This jacket is typically made of a heavy duck cloth Aradani Studios custom costumes are made..
Short Wool Cloak
Short Wool Halfling Cloak Product Description This short wool Halfling cloak is perfect for thos..
Wrap Pants
Wrap Pants Product Description These unisex wrap pants tie in the front and back to make the..
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