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Sweeney Todd and Ms. Lovett Costumes
By Michael Bielaczyc

We started planning this costume before the movie even came out. Both me and Laura found many reference photos taken from behind the scenes and started to make mock ups. We saw the movie at the midnight showing and went home with dreams of razors and meat pies.

One of the biggest problems was the coloring of the film. I was stuck with the old costuming dilemma, do I go with the colors that the costumes actually are, or what they look like? I decided to go for what they looked like and used a thick upholstery material for the vest.

I made everything except for the pants and boots, thanks to thrift stores. The razor belt was a little tricky, but thanks to working with Griffon Leatherworks a few summers ago I got it put together.

Sweeney Todd Dragon Con 2008

So anyways, here is a link to the photo gallery!

We now offer a Victorian Vest, which is great for this costume or for a steampunk style costume.

Items used in this Costume that we sell:

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