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Steampunk - The Crew of the Airship Aradan
By The Aradani Family

Steampunk Airship Crew
Left to right: Airship Mechanic, Seamstress, The Captain, and the Chef (in her shore leave outfit).

Visit our Steampunk costuming section to start on your own costume!

Mike's Steampunk

Mike's Steampunk costumes

Laura's Steampunk

Laura's Steampunk Costumes


The design for these costumes started in 2008, when we decided we wanted to have a big crew from Dragoncon. Each of us chose a profession for the character that matched our own personality. (Which is why Paul is the Captain). We plan on adding many more variations on each character, so check back when you can!

The full crew at Dragon Con 2009 - Friday Night

Dragoncon 09 Airship Crew

Dragoncon 09 Airship Crew

Dragoncon 09 Airship Crew

Dragoncon 09 Airship Crew

For more ideas, please visit our other tutorials. If you have any suggestions or questions, please email sales@aradanicostumes.com .


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