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How to make a good ranger costume.
By Michael Bielaczyc

This was my first costume, and its first incarnation was very simple. I had a leather tunic, green pants, simple belt, my Han Solo boots (German Tank Officer boots) and a green cloak. Over time, I have added something each year and now it is pretty complete. One of the benefits of working at the Renaissance Festivals is my garb gets pretty broken in so it also has a nice weathered look to it. If you are looking to wear in your costume, check out our tutorial for that.

My current costume includes the following:
  • Son of Sandlar Boots – modified – Boots are an important part of making a good costume as tennis shoes or work boots, can kill an otherwise well put together outfit. When looking at boots, especially if you LARP or go to many Ren Faires, it is best to spend a little and get a good set that will last a while.
  • Home made off-white tunic – This has lasted 5 years and is still going strong. Also good for most other period costumes.
  • Patchwork leather vest – Whenever you can, go with real leather. This definitely makes a costume look more realistic. I have met many people who have bought leather jackets at thrift stores and tore them up to use the cheap leather for costumes.
  • Cloak – Home made. Cheap but thick fabric. I used the Simplicity 9887 pattern for my cloak.
  • Griffin Leatherworks belt.
  • Various pouches.
  • Gloves – I bought normal brown cloth work gloves and cut off the fingers. I then cut up some microsuede and made an over glove.
  • Bow – A normal fiberglass bow, painted black and a bit of rabbit fur tied to either end. This also doubles as the bow for my wild elf and orc costume.
  • Pants – I swap these out depending on the weather. I have a thicker green fabric pants which is nice for cooler temperatures and some scrim based wrap pants which are wonderful during the summer.
  • Fleece scarf- this is also dependant on the weather, but can add that Ithilien ranger look to your costume.

Detail shots:

Ithilien Ranger Costume

Ithilien Ranger Front

Ithilien Ranger Costume

Ithilien Ranger Side

Ithilien Ranger Costume

Ithilien Ranger Full Costume

Ithilien Ranger Costume Boots

Boots Close up

Ithilien Ranger Costume


Ithilien Ranger Costume

Ithilien Ranger Outside


Dunedain Ranger Costume

Dunedain Ranger - Changes - Elf Cloak, Cloth Surcoat, Bracers.



For Lord of the Rings Ranger Reference photos, check out Alley Cat Scratch:
Ranger Reference Photographs

For Faramir’s costume click below:


For more ideas, please visit our other tutorials. If you have any suggestions or questions, please email .


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