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Pirate Costume
By Michael Bielaczyc

For my pirate costume, I basically took parts from all my other costumes and tossed it into a big mess. Well an organized planned mess. As we talked about in the article in making your costume look authentic, the more stuff you can put on for the pirate the better. Don't be afraid to wrap some netting around your waist or wear too many belts, it will all help out.


Here is a list of things that I have for my pirate costume:

  • 2x Bandanas (From Nigel Sades collection). One on my head, the other wrapped around my arm. Also, the one on my head has some dreaded yarn to add some more flair.
  • Necklaces - one is a homemade hemp necklace with fake bird claws and the other is a celtic knot necklace.
  • Rings - these are rings I have found in my jewelry box (or maybe even pinched from my sisters)
  • Bracers
  • Double wrap sword belt as well as a single thick kilt style belt.
  • Pirate sword
  • Pouch (Bald Mountain - found at any Reniassance Festival)
  • Son of Sandlar Boots (used in many of my costumes, and can add bits of cloth and leather to change the look for each)
  • White worn shirt (or if you want a cleaner looks, we have satin pirate shirts available here)
  • Random bits of cloth wrapped around my waist or hands.

Another thing to remember, pirates often didn't have money. They were weathered, storm beaten, dirty men. So when a part of another costume gets worn out, it normally becomes part of my pirate costume.

Oh, and don't forget the most important part of any pirate costume, RUM!

For more ideas, please visit our other tutorials. If you have any suggestions or questions, please email .



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