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Pavi Silicone Mask .
Repo the Genetic Opera
By Michael Bielaczyc

I was commissioned before Dragon Con 2009 to reproduce one of Pavi's masks from Repo: The Genetic Opera film. The customer wanted it in silicone so it would move realistically and hold up over the long run. I was really strapped for time before the show, so I only had about a day to spend on the sculpt and casting. I was excited though, having been a big Skinny Puppy fan for years, I also wanted to on day do this costume at a convention.

It was made as a half mask, meant to be glued on using Smooth-on's Skin tite silicone adhesive.

Pavi Silicone Mask

Pictured above is the finished silicone mask. This is straight from the mold, with all the flashing and eyes still on. I am hoping to do a photoshoot soon with a full costume and mask.

More photos will be published when the photoshoot has taken place.

You can purchase a version of this at our Face Surgeon Mask.

For more ideas, please visit our other tutorials. If you have any suggestions or questions, please email .



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