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Making a Narnia Faun costume.
By Michael Bielaczyc

This one is pretty simple. You need horns, ears, furry pants and a scarf. My current set up includes the faun pants we have available on our faun costume page, some curved horns and our large elf style ear. I swap out scarves depending on how I feel that day. I also normally carry around a over the shoulder leather bag to keep various articles (fauns in Narnia didn’t need cell phones or wallets I guess).

faun happy

Halloween 06

Faun Satyr Pants


Dragoncon 2006

We now have a faun ear in production and depending on the venue I will wear either the faun ear or the large elf style.

Another problem with a good faun set up is the foot. With Narnia and now Pan’s Labyrinth, people are expecting fauns and satyrs to have the goat style leg. The only comfortable way to do this is to have the fur pants a little longer than needed and to stand on your tip toes during photos.Inthe photosI am just wearing some square toed brown shoes which seems to make people happy enough (but not me, being a perfectionist). Since these photos were taken we have finished the faun hooves which can be bought here.

For my Pan's Labyrinth Faun costume click here.


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